Monday, 2 April 2012


I have to say that I was quite suprised at the speed taken by the Legions of what I have to call (sorry if you are among them) stupid people who went rushing out hunting Petrol based upon nothing sensible that I have yet to see.
No Union had actually called a strike for that time, there was no shortage of Petrol reaching the pumps, yet on the basis of one anti Union Propaganda soundbite, Car owners went what can only be described as mad in a hunt for Petrol.
 None of these drivers seemed to give any thought to how much Petrol they would of wasted driving around looking to 'top-up' judging by the lack of walking Jerry can holders standing at the pump queues, which funnily,  I remember as a silly waste from a previous Petrol crisis in my kiddie-hood.
And, still even after the Strike was called off the hoarding is still going on, one station on Harrow Rd still has no Petrol for sale after running out, and as we know, one lady is fighting for her life after listening to Minister F.Mauds 'Hoarding' soundbite, but it seems he forgot the Health and Safety warning that should it seems, go with such a feckless Propaganda statement.
Now we hear that we in the West are 'getting tough' on Iran and have created Sanctions against Iran, oh poor them! These hard hitting Sanctions are..... a halt in the buying of much of our Oil supply from Iran, creating a potential real crisis, and for what?
 This action can only cause self harm and yet another rise soon in Petrol prices, Hoo-Raa the tough Lib/Tory powers that be! .....So short sighted.
Deary deary me, how silly, it gives one a not small feeling of embarrasement to be British, knowing such foolery on such a large basis is being watched and laughed by at millions on a Global Satellite 24 hour rolling News/Internet media/Newspaper basis.
Can't I can't say that we didn't deserve this laughter because I agree, it's a laughable fake panic that makes the British look like Cartoon Lemmings.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Am I the only one to notice how rubbish the plethora of free 'local Magazines' are?
As Magazines they make great Adverts, but thats about it. The latest rag to fill up my Orange bag is called 'ABSOLUTELY' and it is Absolute rubbish like all the others, about five pages of writing and the rest is just Advertising, sometimes Ads are disguised as reviews but otherwise its just pictures of Clothes-Horse people..
I got another one today, 'GROVE' its called, its exactly the same as the one mentioned above, and that other one that comes every now and then that my memory didn't even consider worth storing the name of.
Publishers, I say to you "give it up", you are putting these AdMags through Homes full of people who see your Mags as just another boring set of Adverts promoting a local life that is just like a little girls Princess fantasy in Adult form. And that goes for most people Ive spoken to.
Duff, and yet they look like they cost quite a bit to produce, they are an expensive filler for the Recycling bag no doubt.


My letter box recieved yet another of those Infomercial 'Magazines' the day after I moaned about the amount of the useless rags filling up our Hallways, the latest one is pompously called 'KENSINGTON AND CHELSEA MAGAZINE', as with all the other paper wasters it is just a book of flash adverts with a few 'articles' that are just disguised adverts for rubbish that has no relevance to most residents round here although my Daughter did find use of the last one for a School collage project she was doing on the subject of Advertising (how apt).
This latest one did not differ from any of the others Ive previously looked through one bit except that it had a 'News' (hoho) section that includes an article about a long dead American Actress, (Breakfast at Tiffanys she was in if memory serves me well). It was as laughably dull as all the others and its copy Vogues advert based template did nothing for me except make me bend over to pick it up and throw into the recycling bag.
I do wish these short lived ad Mags would stop, they must cost a fair amount to produce and are nothing but a waste of money as far as I can tell, and they have nothing to do with this area of course.


The news this week that the average house price in RBKC has reached the £2 million mark can do nothing but bring all non home owning residents nothing but worry, with the obscene housing prices being so high now it will only be a matter of time before we start to see the moving out of residents to places like Bolton (a now common mode of behaviour for Housing Groups) so that their 'Social' Landlords can sell their now peasantless homes off on the private market.
This news bodes ill for the majority of residents and well for a few 'responsible Social Home groups', like the ones who had already earmarked some of our areas Estates and shared homes for sale on the private market.

Sunday, 18 March 2012



The usual troop of Army horses that I have watched trot through the area since I was a small child are now gone, I never thought I'd miss something as 'normal' as a troop of Army horses pulling 10lb Guns  towards Wormwood Scrubs then back a time later with mud on their legs, I remember how their passing would stop our School playtimes dead as the kids stared and "cor"-ed as they passed.
Now, what I'm wondering is what is going to happen to the now 'unused' (except by thousands of locals) Wormwood Scrubs? The 'Scrubs' is on M.O.D land and, as has been reported throughout the Media, the M.O.D have been selling off their family Silver at an alarming rate over the past couple of years, and I ask -will we be seeing the loss of that open land as well? The only really open land we have round here.
I could think of some good ideas what to do with it while keeping it as open land as could many cleverer people than I, of that I'm sure, but will any of those 'more intelligent' voices be listened to, or will the land be sold off to Developers as I suspect?
If (when) the land is sold to Developers as I naturally assume then the people living on its edge along with the School and its Pupils on Du Cane road will be the next poor unfortunates to have the swinging Demolition ball of Damocles swishing over their collective lives.
I foresee a 'Save our Scrubs' campaign coming.......
Sadly, judging by what I know of the M.O.D's behaviour towards the people who live around the Scrubs it won't be a happy outcome for the people.

Friday, 16 March 2012


The Housing  Corporation known as GENESIS, the one more commonly known to many as 'The all-devouring Housing Behemoth' (the nice version!) has (if the Mainstream Media are anything to go by) gotten its monstrous wrist tapped in the Courts for the tiny part the 'Born Again' (but from what, into what??) named Housing Group has been playing in what ole' Bozzo Johnson famously called the "Kosovo style Social cleansing of London".

  From what can be gathered, the Housing Beast has been told off for the sadly H.Group wide policy of Evicting short and long standing Tenants, then selling off their premises at cheap prices on the Private Market, (ignoring those who were supposed to be waiting on the list for those sold Houses).
 It seems that, at a time when the lack of affordable Homes as well as easily available ones, are far from being available for current needs let alone the future, selling off Homes mean't for people on waiting lists and those in genuine need isn't going down well.
 Well, not now that the so-far unstoppable policy has become so blatant that it can't be carried on subtly anymore

Friday, 24 February 2012


Ive not been around to post for a while so my output is a little Spartan of late as you can see, and Im sure you've been missing me Im sure.
Anyway, one of the things that gave me to kick up the bum that I needed to get this up again after its holiday faster than I would of done so normally was me having a G***LE around the IneterWeb and seeing some sites the other day when by sheer accident I had found myself on a page with a list of more than just the one 'Portobello Blog', well, its an obvious name really.
"ay ay" says I, "looks like someone else has pilfered 'my' name" (sarcasm laced), so I logged on to this Blog and sure enough there it was in the banner line 'PORTOBELLO BLOG' in big letters, "ooh, I wonder what kind of content this will contain?" I wondered, two minutes later I was wondering why the Blogger had bothered. I could not see a single new or interesting article about Notting Hill and apart from that I think that I was also supposed to get the impression that there are no CochRoach or Mice ridden Houses and Estates, or that there are large areas of deprivation in Notting Hill, let alone even a mere mention of the areas overwhelming number of Social (Council/Housing Trust/Co.Op. etc) Housing, which is also ignored in favour of following the style championed by the plethora of Front door blocking come-and-go free 'magazines' that have become the bane of every resisent..
 'Magazines' who dress themselves with images of glamerous front covers and promises of interviews and articles about 'happening young things' who live in the promised land of 'Notting Village', and what coloured curtains famous local residents are going for this season.
Not forgetting of course the nice Restuarant review (in return for that free meal no doubt), and the rest is just nicely dressed adverts, like the whole thing really.
This is the impression I got from looking at the new Blog to take the name, without wishing the Blogger any harm or distress I think its only fair to say that I have the right to criticize (errm..piss-take). Thats not to say I feel any slight has been done, not at all, both Blogs have so little in common that I think theres room for both of them with the same-ish name, as long as the other Blogger doesnt get too big for his boots and starts claiming the name as his own (mind you he/she is welcome to the name 'my'-PORTOBELLO-BLOG, the 'my' bit isnt really my style, or even mine at all come to think of it.

Sunday, 15 May 2011


Next time you hear our RBKC Council telling us about how they have to stop 'this and that' while raising the cost of 'that and that' because of the current financial situation and because of nessessary Government savings, which is why you'll have to pay RBKC more for a lesser service, just relax and revel in the shadows of your RBKC bean counting meisters.
Why get all hot and bothered by the price hike and services cuts? our RBKC Gaulieters have £one hundred and seventy million pounds stashed away in a bank account doing nothing at all except collecting interest. Doesn't it make you feel secure in your damp home knowing that your Council has more cash locked away than some small countries? Sure they aren't going to spend any on us but if a 'Rainy day' happened they could at least vote to have some of it spent on the Town Hall roof.
Rejoice! were living in a rich Borough, one with massive savings that it needs to bolster with more money, so don't complain, you could be living in Brent where they spend their Budget every year and they have to now close Libraries, but we on the other hand hardly had any to start with, so no money was wasted on keeping any open in the first place. Thats thinking ahead I say, clever RBKC.


One of the bad things that may happen as a result of the Army moving Barracks is that they may stop playing their games on Wormwood Scrubs and the land would then be considered 'vacant', sold off and built upon. Oh, and Horse lovers will miss the tradition of watching the passing parade of big proud war Horses.
Its not the Army I would miss so much as what would happen to that rare unspoilt open land we have in the (near) middle of London should they go.
Mind you my mate used to let his son go over there to play during the School holidays until one day his son came home with a hand full of live Bullets, "where did you get them?" my horrified mate asked, "they were just laying all over the grass" was the reply, so my mate went over to the Scrubs to where his son said he found the Bullets he and found loads more live ones.

"its one of the last unspoilt areas in Greater London don't you know"
Having been through the Army Cadets he was familiar with live rounds and, worried, he Telephoned the Police, "not our problem mate, its M.O.D land, nothing we can do" replied the Police simply, despite knowing live Bullets were laying around waiting to be picked up by anyone but they could do nothing about it.
So he next phoned the Army and told them, they just told my mate "well, you know the Army use the land, if your worried dont use the Scrubs anymore, goodbye", that was it.
My mate did learn that had his son or anyone else accidently set a bullet off and shot themselves or someone else then it was too bad, being 'Army land' any accident involving stray military death objects was the fault of the victims for not being careful enough. Just knowing that the Army practices there justifies calls for Military innocence in any accident to the law and satisifies them about the cause of any death there by military object or missile, big or small. Its the publics fault.
I.e, its not their problem!

Saturday, 7 May 2011


The news was full two days ago of the news that the French military has already spent all of this years annual budget while bombing Libyan infra-structure and are demanding more money so that they can get on with the job of knocking out all of Libya's Gas, Water, Electricity, Roads, Hospitals and so on.
What wasn't mentioned was the cost of the bombing on the UK militaries budget so far. Along with Frances Armed forces who our military have been merged with, the UK is also involved full time in pushing Libya backwards as many decades as possible, so how much has it cost the UK so far?
I've heard or read nothing about that issue in our media, I wonder why? and now that 'we' (the Western powers) kick started the so obviously fake from the start 'Revolution' in Libya (they honestly expect us to believe that we are backing the "Democratic Opposition" despite our Government not even knowing who they are or what they are called? If thats true then how do they even know that the opposition are 'Democratic'?) I imagine they feel obliged to see things out to the end, win or lose.
But at the same time as we get involved in our third senseless war we are being told that the only money left in the National coffers is just enough to get the gambling fraudsters out of the black, and some to lend out to other countries that will take 30 years to repay it all, while we must "tighten our belts".
Nice one 'Dave'.
The whole episode stinks.

Thursday, 14 April 2011


The Salvation Army along with Centerpoint and other Allied homeless charities are today engaged in battle against Westminster council's astoundingly cruel new law that has made the handing out of food to homeless people or feeding them a criminal offence in the Borough, treating the poorest people in Britain like Vermin with a law that considers them no differently than Pigeons, whom it is also an offence to feed in Westminster.
NEW (or should I say latest) BATTLE OF TRAFALGAR
So in protest the Sally Army, alongside other Allied opposition Charities have taken up counter-offencive positions, armed only with Bread Batons in the first battle of this new 'war'. It is taking place today in Trafalgar square where the Sally's soldiers and their allies have occupied it and are busy defending the helpless by giving out free food to anyone who wants it. A UN no-fly resolution can only be round the corner for these Freedom fighters.
That Charities are having to combat such a law at all is something seriously wrong in itself, but I'm wondering if we are seeing a small part of a larger action? A beginning to the clearing of  'undesirable' Human sights from London's center in time for the arrival of the Olympic Games attendants? It has happened at many previous Games after all.
Does that mean that any popular London places and areas with Hotels and Motels will be seeing much the same behaviour?  Locally I can imagine that 'Charlies' day leave policy will be put on hold, after all we don't want badly dressed people wearing strange hats, dancing happily on street corners do we? (I do) And I can see this area getting a rise in aggressive Policing aimed at Youngsters and 'Street hangers'.
I am also of a mind that tells me that some time after the Olympics have finished and gone, Westminster will (ahem) 'bow to public pressure' and eventually let the soup vans return, but only if they have not been able to hold back 'the huge tide' of  undesirables, of course.
But Westminster won't give up easily once they have cleansed the West End, they will no doubt try their hardest to keep those useless eaters away for good.
One other question is, where do Westminster expect all the homeless people to go? No other area has the long built up infra structure to help or cope with the thousands of  wondering homeless who will be looking for somewhere new that they feel safe sleeping in.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Isn't is reassuring to know that our caring RBKCouncil has £171 million in untargeted money stashed away, I'm sure they are going to spend it on essential services and no doubt at some point we will all benefit vastly from the councils sensible accounting.
I feel so safe in the arms of our feeling council, who will no doubt be using it for better rubbish collections, housing repairs and generally improving our living standards, oh yes.
Or they must be thinking ahead so that they can save us from any rainy days coming.
Gosh they care.


Every cloud does have a sliver of silver in its lining after all because it was announced in the papers this week that Jade Jagger has sold her Kensal Rise flat, HOORAAY!!!!!
I know she isn't skint so taking the reported £125.000 less than the original asking price wasn't an issue to her, but why the rush to sell?
Has MS Jagger tired of playing the 'Cockerney chirrup' and decided to move to the next fashionable location, one not full of Chavvy Council, Co-op and Social housing tenants? And what of that 'shop' of hers (JJ's) in All Saints Road, the one that doesn't look like it actually sells anything and appears more like a posh Victorian Opium den shaken and mixed up with a new moneyed Russian's downstairs toilet, will that go as well?
Are we seeing a slow Exodus of those who had come to our fair streets in the self interest of living in a cool area but have found a new promised land? The list of 'names' who have sold up and moved away is becoming quite big after all.
Is selling up the Notting Hill flat becoming a fashion statement in itself? and are some other poor souls going to be invaded by the selfish, spoilt adult brats who want to be seen as 'keeping it real' (but only on their own terms)? Or, are they headed like Sheep for the same Cream Tea on the Village green area that the Cameron's moved away to?
If it is happening, then I'm not going to miss the arrogant well spoken types who stand outside certain local Pubs screaming loudly into their mobiles at their Coke dealers to "get a fu****g move on", that's for sure.
I know I'm stereotyping, but to be fair a few people have moved here and tried.

Thursday, 7 April 2011


 London is to get thirty miles of new 'bike only' cycle lanes for it's new cyclists, ones that will enable crossing the city without having to evade cars and heavy traffic, with improved cycle speed limits of 20 MPH on the new 'pedrestrian free' cycle only lanes.
In your dreams it is, you wish you were!
Am I the only one to have noticed the new 'bike sex' fashion among those cyclists who have taken up the 'buy now pay later' offer from their Employers? The ones who have been filling our streets lately, cycling the same way they previously drove (selfishly).
 For years traditional Tour De France yellow tops used to be the clothing item of choice for new cyclists, but they are now "so last year" they are becoming fossilised, in their stead we are seeing a rise in body hugging, tight black Lycra body suits and even long gloves for men that end at the top of the arm (looking along them you expect to see a stylish Audrey Hepburn at one end holding a Cigarette in a long holder), plus tight as can be shorts that are just the right length to show off the new pedal induced calf muscles that these cyclists are so proud of showing off, (because they have never had a visible muscle group before).
Keeping in mind that many of these new cycle gimps are middle aged men the whole trend can't help but take on a bit of a creepy and quite 'pervy' aspect.
I even saw one gimp a few days ago who was sporting a style of cycle mask that Ive only ever seen on documentaries about Vivienne Westwoods designing history, and the period covering her early 1970's 'rubber sex' clothing line, or on Documentaries about the Cambridge rapist.
Honestly, the only way these people can only be accurately described as, is looking like 'cycle gimps' (ala Tarrentino), all that's missing is the wearing of a spikey dog collar and chain connecting them to the handle bars.
Their clothing has taken on a definite S&M taint to it. With the adrenalin rush cycling gives, combined with the tight, hugging and rubbing Lycra clothing and masks, at some point something unwholesome must enter their minds as they rub along showing off their calf muscles.
It can't be long before these middle aged men are seen turning up in their cycle outfits at annual S&M Balls and the whole thing becomes a new sexual Fetish all of its own.
It's just a shame they weren't made to take bicycle proficiency tests, or at least be given information about how much distance is needed to stop while cycling at high speeds before being given charge of their new machines, instead of letting them just obsess about how they look in their tight new 'outfits'.
The headline and first two lines were written because they would show up on the Google list, humble apologies to non 'cycle Gimps'.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


If banning charities from providing soup kitchens for homeless people werent bad enough as it is, the council is proposing to actually ban and even criminalise homeless people.
This news is staggering, but the council has been acting as a law unto itself for years anyway, Shirley Porter may not hold the reins of power anymore but her legacy is still hanging in the air like the stench of the overflowing sewer drains that stink out many parts of the borough.
Information on this evil can be found through the Westminster Green party.
The thought of algamating RBKC with them (and Hammersmith) sounded bad enough as it was but it now feels like we are about to start living through a waking nightmare.
Being homeless making a person a criminal? Utter madness. The real criminals are the ones who use our most vunerable people as punch bags, with the vicious Coalitions insane, dimly thought out programs of cuts (often to the most needy charities and community groups, while at the same time giving Ballet theatres grant raises) starting to get into full swing, the number of homeless is going to grow, what will happen to them? can our prisons cope with all those evil homeless people? Or do they expect the homeless to pay fines for not having a roof over their heads?
Is this the first blatently open round in what Boris Johnson called "the Kosovo style cleansing of London"? They have after all been moving people on social housing such as single mothers, working class men and 'immigrants' (including their children born here) out of London for over two years now, creating new tensions in towns with already large unemployment numbers, I think they call that 'divide and conquor' tactics, what was called 'The great game' in Victorian times.

First they came for the single mothers but I wasn't a single mother so I didn't speak out, then they came for the homeless but Im not homeless... Yet I am speaking out before they get round to me so that at least I can stand and be counted instead of being known as an appeaser.
(Apologies and thanks to Martin Neimeyer for savaging his wonderfully spot on poem)

Sunday, 27 March 2011


Being on the march yesterday I became interested in the rumours of "Anarchists smashing up Regents street" so I went to have a look and, SAVE US!!! some Newspapers were alight in a very small fire in the middle of the Oxford St and Regent St junction and the 'Anarchists' causing the chaos were Hari Krishna's having a bongo dance/chant, all around were Police standing against walls looking bored, not like they were about to take on a rabble, they seemed more interested in when the Tea was coming.
Yet when I got home I saw the BBC news providing us with their Helicoptor 'NewsCam' of the same scene, filmed from half a mile above, the dancing Krishna's and the Hippies who jumped along with them were the 'Anarchists' who were causing all the trouble, and the small pile of  flyers, paper banners and Socialist Worker Newspapers looked much bigger through the 1/2 mile zoom lense than it actually was.
Yet when I did see someone smashing a window the only interested people were twenty odd photographers, while Police were just standing by, arms folded and again, obviously bored. This was not the angry riot Police we see in action, it appeared more like they were standing about, being told to just guard the organised Press spectacle in case some Demonstraters tried to stop the window smashers (as I've seen on more than one occasion) and ruined the 'All Protesters are trouble' photo opp.
In my opinion the Governments propaganda machine is old, wooden and not running very well (letting the Students run riot in the Tory ffices didn't do them any good but they still keep using the same tactics, comes from them being conservative in nature I 'spose, scared of trying anything new.
It was a good happy day and the West End saw no more violence than it sees regularly when Football fans clash at weekends (Ive seen them at 'it' and whoo! scary).
Previously, at Hyde park I was forced to heckle Milliband though, he was given his job by the very people who allowed the theft and fraud (sorry, 'downturn') in the first place, what was that hypocrite doing there? Do people still believe there is any difference between them and the Tories apart from the speed the cuts would of come in? I would like to doubt it but people will believe the crap that the UK media says.
Where there were any mentions of actually dealing with the financial system that created the problem from Moribund or any of the other speakers? No. Nor was there any mention of the fact that laws were changed (that were put in place so this didn't happen) to allow this giant 'bust' to happen, or that those responsible had 25% wealth increases while the 'average' persons personal wealth dropped by 23% at the same time (the FT and other financial acolyte media can be interesting reads, the gloating is stunning).
The system of boom and bust is still in place and we will go through all this again in a decade or two and the wealth of the west will be transfered into the hands of the same few who have profitted from every other 'bust'.
It will all happen again, we will have our bust, go boom, become comfortable and apathetic and then another  bust will come again, as we've been doing for one hundred years now, not even a mention of that from the main speakers.
Have none of them any memory or ability to understand histories lessons? I'll answer that for them. Not a chance, either that or they have taken on the darker aspects in the hunt for personal glory.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Those are just the T.U.C's reasons.
From the 'social cleansing' of London, the refusal to give us a choice about joining the other  Fascistic vassal states of the Euro or not, Afghanistan and the NATO run Heroin glut, torture agreements with the U.S, to botched attempts at installing a western puppet ruler in Libya by bombing buildings with civilians inside, paid for (no less) by your taxes. The list goes on.
Going tomorrow won't change the world, but it will make them know that England isn't full of the lazy selfish burgers'n'Beer  guzzling appeasers they think it is.
Prove them wrong if you think they are by going, and making your head counted (Gov't Bean counters consider one marcher as representing between ten to fifty people, depending on the cause dontcha know?).
Also, ignore the propaganda on TV that's trying to paint the day planned as just being one of pre-planned unbridled violence by 'extremists', said by Ministers and TV pundits only to scare people off going because our selected leaders don't want the world to know how much mire and discontent the UK is swimming in due to the corrupt economic system both parties signed up for.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


Our caring Government has been on the ball again saving the victims of the awful natural disasters that have over taken the world, they have chartered two (count them) two planes to start flying the Tsunami victims back to Blighty for free (which is a surprise to be honest), more predictablethough is the Governments treatment of the people who have escaped from the impending nightmare senario that has been fortold by more than a few Nuclear Scientists.
Our caring Government is giving the people with wet clothes free Plane seats but, those unfortunates with glowing clothes have to pay £600 a ticket to board the same plane.
Obviously our thoughtful Coalition think that the survivers biggest post-Earthquake hassle is not going to be P.T.S. but buying a new set of holiday clothes. The minimal threat of having deformed babies or the worry of the many horrible, malignant forms of Cancer that later takes hold in men and women not expected to cause any problems.
£600 -each? the British Government should be ashamed of themselves, acting as if we are a poor 3rd world country, but then we do now have Libya's resources to take over, sorry, people to 'liberate'. Along with the two other 'Liberating' wars that our brave tax payers are funding every day (I wonder if its possible to have a Cluster bomb named after a British School or a Hospital, as a sort of 'hands across the Ocean' part of our 'Hearts and Minds' effort?).

Monday, 7 March 2011


With the middle East/Arab countries being in the grip of political unrest, people are naturally scared, they don't know if the Revolutionary bug has infected their loved ones, potentially turning them into either Martyrs for the cause, or sitting sullenly in the back of a Police van wondering what Mums going to say when he gets home, as long as the brutally vicious stare on the guards face is only that.
Further up the food chain, the comparatively few people with lots to lose from political Independence or reforms, are greatly fearing that the U.S may be losing its grip on its well paid puppets, especially now that everyone is waking to the reality of the $ becoming worth less than the paper its printed on.
One group who are especially scared are the legions of paid state sadists who happily carried out torture methods on prisoners just for fun, they're worrying that without back-up with weapons, any family members of their still living enemies might track them down and take out some morally justified action on them (say no more).
So, with those hilarious thoughts in mind I think its only fair that we add a humorous cartoon to end with.

Monday, 28 February 2011


Whats happened to Gaddafi's face lately? what made it take on the appearance similar to the Elephant man who's just had his upper row of teeth removed, while suffering an allergic reaction to facial Botox injections? To say he looks like he's visited an American hotel room to have illicit Silicone injections an is an understatement, worse, his arse seems to have been mistaken for his face. Which only goes to highlight the dangers of unlicensed crap being pumped into your body.
Anyway, I just wanted to point out what many must already thinking. And that thought is "how dare Gaddafi use the British made and sold, anti riot equipment (including large vans with a plough like blade on front for parting protesters at speed) on his own citizens?" What on Earth does he think he's doing? Doesn't he know that those weapons were only sold to him for show, as modern art? Their mass killing ability wasn't meant to be used, oh no no.
How is this bad business going to look abroad to those countries we are busy trying to destabilise? Tut tut.
It looks like we may have to miss a turn in the great game.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Everyone else and their krack addled granny has had their say on Julian 'Casper' Assange, so I thought it only proper that I have a pop at the situation myself. After all he has made himself fair game.
Where to start though... The man himself I think, I can see why the other founders of Wikileaks were so against anyone assuming a 'public face' in regards to the group, as they predicted (and could plainly see by looking through any media and/or historical record), once a public face is attached to a cause the reporting of that cause lessens as the media intensifies its attention on that public face, this has the ultimate effect of ruining any further attempts to further the group as the compliant media focus in on attacking its public face, thereby attacking the group and cause by subtle implication, the old 'guilt by association' technique. This old chestnut never seems to fail.
Assange in Casper the friendly ghost mode

My second point leads back to the first, while everyone spends their column inches writing and slavishly reading about Assange, whether he did/did not do it, and the rights and wrongs of the obviously leant on Swedish legal authorities, potentially important information that Wikileaks is trying to present to the world is going ignored. Is this a co-incidence? There are plenty of proven, past instances of the British media using cover stories as a smokescreen to supress bigger stories after all.
And my last point is this, why are the Americans after Assange so badly why him? Granted he embarrassed them at the same time that the U.S. was in the Middle East, busy on their knees grovelling for more extensions on their loans and promising that their 'bottomless pit' bank notes really were worth the price printed on them ("honest Guv"), despite the rest of the world geting rid of them as fast as they burn, and that includes Drug dealers and slavers.
Other than that, I can only see the U.S's mania to get Assange as a short sighted move, its not as if getting him is going to stop Wikileaks in any way, in fact they are only going to turn Assange into a 'Cyber-martyr' (what a naff phrase), and if anything Wikileaks and groups sympathetic to them will increase their anti-U.S. activity.

Ahh! But then any activity by these potential groups could be labelled a 'National security threat' which would give the U.S. top Brass the opportunity to trigger the U.S Internet 'kill switch' (the one that turned off 84.000 U.S. websites last week, initally claiming they were child sex sites, only saying "sorry we made a mistake" two days later) that is capable of turning off any websites deemed a national 'threat', be it hunting clubs, political sites, single issue groups or University political history sites. Basically anyone, as was the case last week.
One thing for certain is that getting Assange might furfill the inital baying of the U.S. crowd but it wont stop any Whistle blower sites. And if the U.S. doesnt realise that then they must be as mad as Gaddafi said they are.
Who knows.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


One last thing about our glorious waxy faced 'leader' giving large amounts of fierce to the Arabs about the wonders of Democracy is the cloying fug of utter ironic hypocrisy that fills the either whenever our Bullingdon boy smatters verbal platitudes about 'free and fair Elections' blah blah etc. etc. I say this because our 'free and fair' tits'n'bums obsessed media have conveniently forgotten that we are currently being lorded over by two very unelected, yet undemocratically selected leaders.
Neither Cameron or Gimp-Clegg were voted in, or given their jobs using any form of Democratic process. The same can be said of Gordon Brown, he was given his job by Blair in a manner that was not in any way any more  Democratic than the way that John Major was selected for his nation leading job (granted he was later elected but that doesn't detract from his original undemocratic appointment).
When we include the unholy union that holds the reins of power at the moment and then add them to our past leaders, it means that we have been ruled over by no less than four undemocratically elected leaders in just twenty odd years.
All of whom have incidentally, ignored the peoples Democratic voice more than once in nationally important issues (like entering into ruinous, 'illegal' wars against countries for no reason, apart from the military/corporate interests of course).
Thus making us targets for terrorists in the process, further justifying the countries involvement in the wars and the so-called 'war on terror', and the tax payers financial commitment to funding them all.
With the joint military and industrial 'complex' being the only winners, as in most wars (guns, bullets, tanks and missiles arent cheap you know).


So, The situation in the Middle east is becoming increasingly mired in the foul stinking words of lieing Western ploiticians whos corruption and hypocracy is becoming more evildent with every new, empty platitude uttered.
The hedge betting dung coming from the U.S, U.K and Europe has not gone unnoticed by anyone, Middle East of West. Their two-faced attempt to keep their own paid servants in power is so obvious that one can almost smell it through the TV.
Likewise the French doplomat was heckled out of a Middle East meeting. Our own chinless sweatface soundbite meister and his cabal of weapons dealing beaurocrats (why do beaurcrats make the 'best' serial killers?) has had his (badly timed) Middle East tour seen for what it really is/was, a trade mission to sell even more civilian crowd attacking weapons, to the very same Middle East Dictators that our Government has already sold death tools to, weapons to people like Gaddafi who are using them on his own people in large amounts. Our media, along with selected Government mouthpeices actually condemning the use of these weapons would be funny, if dead people were not the result of our trade with them.
The weapons, such as tear gas grenades, huge 'battle buses' that look like smart versions of Mad Max style mobile homes, except that they have snow clearing V=shapes blades on their fronts, are in daily use, only these bladed buses are meant to scatter people not high drifts of street blocking snow falls.
Cameron even gave a flowery speech to the Kuwaiti's two days ago, obviously ignoring the fact that the Kuwaits's arrogantly renaged on their promise to intruduce Democratic reforms to their country, a promise given to the Allies as one of the conditions for the Allies helping them against Iraq, not that it made any difference what so ever to the Allies who ignored the broken promise when it came to trading with them.
Over the pond, the TV and media news has suddenly began to wind down their Democratic rhetoric in the face of the week long mass protests in Wisconsin calling for Democratic accountability in local Government and dropping the proposed changes in the laws that would remove workers rights to enter into arbitration regarding work hours, wages, safery, insurance etc. etc. The state Government has not hailed these Democratic protesters as heroes, as they did the protesters abroad, instead they have called out the national guard as well as flying in troops from half way through a tour of Iraq.
The local Wisconsin state Police spokesman has also openly told various media that he "would absolutley use (the) force against the protesters" that he had been given permission to use. One only has to think back to the events such as Kent state, Chigago, Waco and the state killing of children at Ruby ridge (one an eight year old boy and another shot while in its mothers arms) among others to understand what kind of force they mean.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011



So, according to the joint declarations voiced simultaneously in their respective Parliaments by our multi-cultured Eurocrat leaders, multi-culture-ism has failed ...Hoo...kay, right.
This claim coming in a co-ordinated effort from people in different cultures at the same time would seem to indicate that the claim is just a little bit ironic amd a tad dishonest to say the least, a better question to ask would be 'Does this claim mean that NATO's modern Crusade against Islam isn't going down with the public as well as our war leaders would of liked it to be?'
The claim that "multi culture-ism has failed" is an accusation cloaked in deliberate vagueness so that its made easier for the 'Profane' (us) to jump to their own petty conclusions about who's to blame for all of the countries ills without actually offering up any facts, nor do any of them have the ability, (now a reason) to explain how a newly arrived foreign family down the road is responsible for the Nations ills.
It is just another classic political 'dont blame us' scam coming from people only too willing to have any public spotlight taken away from their actions and the active part they played (and profited from) in creating the current daily mire people are finding themselves in. I see the people who made this claim hoping that when the do-do's does really hit the political fan the average useless eater would be too busy attacking aged Asian ladies to notice of who really are the ones to blame, and so carry on taking his/her anger out on the foreign family living next door rather than the ones that really created the poverty, homelessness, unemployment and bars to education.
After all we cant blame Communists anymore and a handy scapegoat is needed to deflect any criticism away from the real guilty Pigs as they gorge from the public troff (my honest to God apologies go out to Pigs who are really rather nice, friendly clean animals).
If Multi-culturism has failed why did it need members of a co-ordinated multi-cultural cabal to say so? Or, has it only failed when non white and non-Christian people are involved? If not, will these people dismantle the politically unpopular multi cultural union to which they force us to be members of?
The news has just shown Cameron in Kuwait where he is selling weapons to repressive, totalitarian countries such as Kuwait and Libya (although the latters sales may be on hold at the mo, bad PR and all that whato)
 Saying that, even if Britain stopped selling Gaddifi weapons within the hour he would still have enough killing machines with 'Made in the UK' on them to turn Libya into a dust bowl six times over.
Cameron lecturing other people on Democracy of all things is taking the pee, big time, and a cheek coming from someone who's the latest in a line of unelected leaders British leaders, leader of a 'union' of four different countries. A national leader who's political party can at best claim only a fifth to one quarter of the voters allegiance. Personally I'm waiting for Cameron to start dressing in Purple and decreeing that his pet Cat shall now be known as Lord Pussykins, Home Security for life.
Britain's archaic form of Government is anything but Democratic (do you really think that a single tick in a box once every four or five years is having a Democratic say in your society? especially when leaders are selected regardless of voting numbers!)

Saturday, 19 February 2011


The news item that I would of loved to see make the mainstream media the most of late (yet knew our 'free press' wouldnt touch) were the nasty events that occured during a speech given by Hilary Clinton a few days ago. The speech Hilary gave at the George Washington university was in support of the recent democratic self expression and organisational skills shown by the freedom loving peoples who have been agitating for reform in recent weeks, the protestors who share with Hilary, those deeply felt democratic beliefs that are an insperation to blah blah blah blah and so on and so on.
 What happened while Hilary gave her speech showed the utter dishonest hypocracy of the U.S's foreign policy arrogance better than any TV or media pundit could ever manage, and the timing could not have been more perfectly spot on.
What happened was that as Hilary spoke of her love of democratic freedoms, a quiet, peaceful 71 year old anti-war peace campaigner was hauled out from in front of Hilary (just ten feet away) and beaten up as he was bundled out of the audience and thrown into jail.
The mans crime? He had the temerity to turn his back on Mrs Clinton as she spoke! The episode was caught on film and can be viewed on youtube (heckler protester attacked at clinton speech 15.02.11). How Clinton can say those words about 'legitimate democratic protest' without even blinking while an old man gets a beating in front of her just for standing quietly and turning his back on her is astounding (astounding but not really shocking or surprising). Oh the irony, its neck deep!
The U.S government also closed down 84.000 U.S websites over the past weekend without any warning and in the most evil way, business and interest sites found that people trying to access their websites were met with the words "this website is closed due to child sex offences" on their screens when they tried to log on. None of the sites closed contained any sexual content and the sites were eventually allowed to go back online but without any governmental or official apology to paste up for visitors to see and be reassured by. It goes to show us how easy it is to close down net communication when 'they' want to. (to get round their 'kill switches' an old dial up modem works every time).
McCain (of the McCain and Palin comedy duo) would of tried to create a system that would of been able to remotely 'destroy' (permantly crash) home computers from afar if he had won the job of President, he has seriously been trying to get Congress to pass his 'comp kill plan' for a few years now (what planet do they think they live on?).


I've been without an internet connection for some weeks so have missed being able to give my squiffy version of the mad events that I've seen locally and the world (which isn't a bad thing I spose) so I've had to rely on the hoary old media beasts of tradition and what a surprise it was.
I didn't realise how used to getting my news from so many varied sources I had become, until I only had the TV and newspapers for information did I see how very far our media was from being as 'free and open' as they claim.
There were the same stories making the same conclusions, using the same images in many papers regularly and one large 'trick' that I saw in many stories in varied papers was the 'double meaning' one. I read many articles claiming to be about one issue that were in reality about an unconnected issue, brought together to give one issue a previously unseen dangerous importance by association to create news, the dishonesty was so blatant I was surprised I had never noticed it when I did look at our traditional media regularly.
Mind you, 99% of our media is sourced from either AP or Reuters and they are owned by the same people, but even then, the amount of varied news they release daily is massive compared to what is ignored so that the papers have room for some Helen Mirren in a bikini or Jordon half naked and pissed photos.
Im glad I have the opportunity to get my news from varied sources again (why does news gain in importance as one gets to see the wrong side of (ahem) thirty?)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


I just walked into a room and into a TV show called (something like) 'The joys of Teen sex', I was just in time to see a Dr taking a young mans Scrotum in hand and saying "your right, it does feel like a bag of worms in there" as she rubbed and pressed away. I had to leave the room.
What is going on when thats on TV? it isnt what I want to watch after a long day and a hurried dinner.
I say this because I just want to get rid of that image, to purge myself of the poor, poor young (he was only about 18 the poor sod) man and his worm filled sac from my mind. I CAST THEE OUT!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011


The end of days is at hand, and the world will be consumed by an plague of mindless, Genetically altered mutant monster Zombie Chicken people, ones that were created in a lab by evil Scientists hell bent on filling people up with Genetically altered 'Frankenstein foods' style conveniency Chicken food. 
Chickens that have been given the God treatment by the goggle eyed mad Doctors who say their new 'Chickens' are able to carry the H5N1 Avian Flu virus but not pass it onto those who eat them, now the
Genetically altered monster Chickens have been given the UK Governments 'OK' and are ready to go on sale to the general public as 'normal' meat/food.

So next time you eat something made from, or including a Chicken there is a possibility that your Genes may merge with those of the mutant Chickens and alter you into a Monster Zombie Chicken person (like Chickzilla here on the right). 
Zombie Chicken people incapable of thinking, of feeling emotions...only existing to feed mindlessly on crispy McNuggets, chip shop Chicken and mushroom Pies, uninfected people...and stuff.
Even Vegetarians and Vegans may not be safe from the coming, Biblical in scale 'Chickapocypse', not even their high level of A1-smug cells may offer them any protection. 
Not that it will matter though, once eaten this 'H1NI proof' Chicken could spread around the world and get into the bloodstreams of various ill people and sick animals,  and there maybe no 100% guarantee that it wont mutate inside one or more individuals into a real killer virus and do nasty things to all or some air breathers, in an extreme worse case scenario. No one knows...yet. 
No one knows...unless, the Scientists who came up with this idea have tested it out on themselves over a long period of time, like Abbie Hoffman did, except that they would of done the washing up instead of riding a bicycle, which I doubt.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Every School Headmaster gets accused of having a superiority complex at one time, usually by Parents who object to the School taking action because their child has set light to the main hall curtains and a girls pigtails again or by some Pupils who had received punishment by the lucky to be alive Headmaster who 'didnt get the joke' of having a flammable liquid bloated tampon shoved up his cars exhaust pipe, but in the case of Holland Park School the scare stories are not coming from the Pupils (the mans actions have been so extreme in the past that Im not mentioning names here just in case of a one in a billion chance that he should ever read this).
Let me give you an example of the Heads idea of good Schooling methods, two dance students were allowed to go on a paid trip to China. All very well and good you say, 'hands across the Ocean and all that' and in that context who would disagree?
But, in contrast to this, whole classes of children were denied the simple, traditional and essential learning activity of a basic field trip because the School couldnt afford to send any of them on one (essential today when some young (and adult) people dont even know what a Cow looks like, or that Insects come in life forms other than that of the common House Fly or Cockroach).
I cant say anything about the School without mentioning the new 'Library', what a marvelous monument to the modern business led arrogant world of waste that governs many of the serious descisions that are being made today Globally (in that respect the Head is on the ball, no doubt), anyway, a lot of money has obviously been spent on the new look Library. With its lovely carpets, lighting and comfortable furniture it has all the trappings of a Hilton V.I.P waiting area no less, the Library even has nice indoor potted plants placed outside its entrance to set the whole mood off.
The only thing that is missing though, IS BOOKS! You have never seen such a poorly stocked Library in your life, the room harldy even deserves the title of Library anymore it has so little, I seriously doubt that the number of new books ordered during the re-fit (if at all) goes higher than lower double numbers.
The once happy School is reeling under the regime imposed on Pupils and staff alike, take the recent problems with the Snow for example, despite the conditions being dangerous and very cold, the female Pupils were still forced to wear the same gripless, flat soled flimsy, thin slip on shoes that they wear in mid Summer, the Pupils are not allowed to deviate from their set clothing or footwear whatever the weather conditions.
The entrances had not been Salted nor had the snow and ice been shovelled away, yet the Teachers still gave urgent verbal orders for Pupils to rush as fast as possible along pavements thats snow had been trampled down to ice with hundreds of flat soled feet, so that it soon became so slippery that kids had fallen, some had to take time off School due to their injuries caused then.
During the Borstal like jog the children are daily forced to take as they make their way along Airlie Gdns, and also as they leave School at the end of the day, Teachers and 'Security people' are constantly buzzing hurridly about round the entrances and roads watching them, relaying normal "Pupils entering the School now, I repeat..." activity into walkie talkies to eachother, others who are no doubt running around while doing equally unneeded tasks, tasks that are more suited to guarding hated foreigh dignitaries than a School on a normal day.
To witness the 'Security' for the first time you wonder why they are there and what all their fussing is all about, they act as if they have just 24 hours to diffuse a bomb in the Headmasters Buscuit tin and their names are all Mr J.Baur. The Pupils assume its for behaviour intimidation, and the result is a complete lack of respect fostered towards any percieved 'security/law and order'. Thats not the kind of lesson that the so-called (so Im told) "control freak" Headmaster hoped to instill in his Pupils I'd imagine.
As for the 'Security people', their self important but needless job, and the low esteem in which it is seen gives them a kind of Keystone Cop aspect (it must be all that pointless running back and forth they do).

Despite the Heads (alledged) megomania the Pupils have still been able to make the same kind of diverse friends and have some fun, even with their break times all but now gone. But I think I can honestly say that the days of Teachers actually thinking of Holland Park School as a good and desirable place at to work are long gone, as is the respect that all staff had for their Head. Of the Teachers who were there and hoped to continue there for their entire careers, many have now done what they once would of laughed at you for suggesting, and left to Teach elsewhere, others have retired, the ones there now are not happy.
And if the Teachers arent happy the kids wont be.
We can only wonder if he harbours secret desires to take on Academy status, then he could be the de-facto Dictator of his own mini Empire, answerable to no one (as if hes not acting like he is now anyway).
*no they are not Pupil comments.
**yes, it is a Pupils comment.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010


What was just as sad as Gregory Issacs shuffling off his mortal coil was the pathetic turn out to the memorial night under the Westway, admittedly the night was put on in a hurry, but if I knew about it and Im always the last one to hear about things then others must of known.
The night consisted of  films featuring Issacs and his music, such as Harder they come, along with films such as the great 'Babylon', (both of which were fun to watch again) with Issacs music played between films, the night was not very full but was a good night none the less and the people there were nice as well so it made for a good evening.

PHOTO: 'Sweet sweet' Gregory

A bloke who lives a few doors away from a friend of mine dresses up like Gregory, we call him the 'sweet sweet neighbour' even though he's a grumpy old git who's always got a scowl on his face.
Anyway, heres a video song thingy below that everyone knows (damn that advert).


Eveyone knows Estate agents are warm hearted, considerate souls, so it came as a surprise (ahem) to hear that one had recently shown a prospective tenent round a house here in our lovely area while the owner of the home was laying on her sofa dead in late June this year.
The Estate agent ignored the body on the sofa and showed the person round the house, his excuse for not going near the corpse was that "I thought she was asleep".
I dont know about you but if I saw a deathly pale blue lipped body laying stock still on a sofa and not moving one inch the whole time I was there and had been stepping over it to show the prospect the Market view from the window I would begin to wonder.
Gosh, I might have even tried to gently wake her upon entering just to be polite. But no, our 'agent' wanted a quick sell and didnt give the lady a second glance.
Another thing, people often soil themselves when they die, had the Estate agent just put this down to the place needing 'a good tidy up'? its not hard to know the smell of death as anyone who has ever smelt rotten meat can attest (be it from an human or animal body or even just an old out of date steak (meat smells the same but without the extra body soiling stench), its a smell you dont forget because it 'hurts' the nose.
So well done to the divvy Estate agent and his sales targets.


The photos of Charles and Camillas car getting pelted, and Camilla being outragrously "poked in the ribs" (D.Mail) was splashed across the Daily Mail and, well lots of others as well but it was the Mails hysterical reporting that got my attention, the paper was acting as if this was the first time that Englands useless eaters had gotten the temerity to actually target any Royals' vehicle with objects and abuse.
Nothing could be further from the truth of course, and to be honest, the Royals have had it far too easily in terms of historical context, there is for instance the famous cartoon of King George (I think, Ive an LP at home that has it on its cover but I cant find a copy online so cant illustrate this rant with it as I'd planned, oh well, next time) being pelted with all sorts of rotten and smelly items whilst also attracting a fair share of verbal abuse, and there are many other reports from down the ages of Royals being abused by the smelly multitudes.
Historically its business as 'normal' for the Monarchy.
With those in line being pelted and abused while the Big Banana at the Palace has been using her Dictatorial powers in the Colonies to over rule their Government and shut their Parliament (Canada) is like the bad old days ("orf with their heads"), although Liz was playing with fire there, shutting down Canada's Parliament because she didn't like the way they voted is only going to ignite even more anti Royalist feelings.
This time her Maj closed down the Canadian Parliament because she feared the party in power was going to lose a vote of no confidence and Mi'lady wasnt amused at the direction the Parliament would of taken afterwards, so through her Canadian Governer General she had their Parliament suspended.
Can I smell the whiff of 'Le Revolution' in the crisp Canadian air? After this incident its a dead cert, the Canadians are not amused either, or are they? Certain Politicians are anyway.
This move would help to quickly clear the way for the intergration of Canada with the U.S and Mexico for their 'North American Union', so it looks like we might be seeing a giant game of Political Chess being played here.
For a terrified Camilla though, who ended up cowering on the floor while a smiling Charles comforted her, it was her Royal baptism of fire, now that shes seen the baying mob up close she can claim to be a real Princess, and shes got something interesting to talk about over the cup cakes.
Im also surprised that in our day and age Charles didn't jump out of the car swinging his fists like a Geezer in defence of his bird, after all he did have a car full of armed Police as back up so didn't have anything to fear. Pussy.

Friday, 10 December 2010


I am amazed (and suspicious) that a bunch of Teenage kids could even get anywhere near the mostly unprotected on the day Tory H.Q, let alone invade it and smash it up.
That Children could get into the Belly of the Beast so easily and trash it is unreastic and unbelievable. How a building with so much important data could even be entered into without being allowed to is not realistic, they know they are potentially a constant target and take serious security precautions to that end.
On previous marches Ive seen McDonalds stores protected by Police better than the Tory H.Q. was last week.
One doesnt have to be a rabid Conspiracy theorist to wonder how the H.Q of the British Government could be invaded by Children, and Im not alone in wondering if the kids (the kids man,its all for the kids!) were 'allowed' to get in the building and run riot so that the Media would concentrate on the damage outcome to the building rather than write about why the Students are even bothering to be out there in the cold day after day, protesting in the first place. And to a degree it has worked.
But despite the Media's bleating about "Anarchists" and the usual Media contingent of  "out for trouble" 'Hardcore Leftists' the cat has still been let out of its £27 grand bag of debt.
The trouble wouldnt of even happened were the Students not forced to face a life-time of what must seem like a fortune should they go into Education after School.
Its the late 1970's/early '80's on Crystal Meth plus one!
Speaking of Schools, and the lies of the Con-Dem'ed, the Government has been claiming that SEVEN HUNDRED Schools had decided to opt to take on Acedemy status when in reality the real number is ONLY SEVENTY.
Just one tenth of what the Lib-Conjobs are claiming, this I know from someone whos gained the Chair of his kids School board, during their battle not to have Academy status forced on them.
Two teachers even resigned  over it but came back to fight the issue ('for the kids man').
Even the T.U.C and N.U.S were helpful in funds and help for the School battle that has taken a nasty turn. The Government, dismayed at the total lack of takers out of the Thousands of Schools all over the country that didnt opt for the 'voluntary' status, have turned the tables on the many nay-sayers and demanded that all Schools (apart from a few Political showcase ones) will have Academy status forced upon them if they do not reach 95% of their annual targets, every year without failure.
The targets will be like a huge sword hanging over the Schools collective, sweating neck.
This pressure to meet the targets will no doubt lead to more dumbing down at Schools who will do anything they can to avoid being taken over by a business quango.
If those Business quango's fail, the Government has said that they will not step in to give financial aid to those Academies affected, which begs the question, if the Teachers find themselves not getting paid, and with the School in the hands of the receiver they can not get any money in for wages, heating, School equipment etc etc. What next for those Academies in the hands of disinterested, failed quangos?
The stunning speed that the new Government has caused dissent is quite amazing. They must be the fastest, widely hated and least trusted Government in a very long time, their stance on the proposed Social cleansing of London wont help them either, even Boris spoke out against them on that one (quite rightly so Bozo, pip pip to ya!), yet, at the same time they are now telling us "that we've never had it so good" again. Stunning.
How massivly out of touch. Is this your trendy up to date, in touch, raver friendly Tories you spoke of  oh Mrs wisedom font Jade Jagger?
As for the Liberals traditional power base, that is in tatters and the Gimp-Clegg has turned from being the Golden wonder-Kind  into the Mad Destroyer of the ancient Whig's Dynastic descendants, with his gob smacking political u-turns and determination not to uphold Election promises.
Was Clegg-gimps chance to get into bed with the Devil for a short, unspecified amount of time worth all the power grabs, and making sure that the Liberals are forever written off? Only the Glegg-gimp can answer that one.
P.S, lets not forget that the M.P's who voted for this hike got their Education for NOTHING, many also recieved free money in the form of Maintanence Grants while studying as well, which makes their present stance all the more galling.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


I have asked around for some time but I seem to be one of the only people who remembers the stall in Bell Street Market (off Edgeware Road) that sold old Wooden false legs, legs that I suspect were given away by near-by ST Mary's Hospital because they were becoming surplus to NHS needs as they started to use lighter plastic limbs instead.
The Stall sold only false legs and was dripping with them there were so many, big ones, small ones, long ones (you get the picture), the stall was on a corner so was easy to see.
As a yoot I used to go to that and other Markets like the Swiss Cottage one, just to look around at the items. I got the same feeling of wonderment looking at all those old Tat and 'no use' items that other kids got from Disneyland I enjoyed going to Tat markets that much (I went to the Disney monstousity in Florida twice just before my teens).
I also remember how much Nazi regalia used to be sold in markets then, the Jackboots I remember were especially sought after, simply because they were such well made boots that even after spending thirty five years in Warehouses they were still good, strong boots.
You could also buy complete Nazi uniforms for less than £10, the same uniforms would now cost hundreds of Pounds to buy, as would all the extra badges, medals etc. that also originally cost 50p or £1, the stalls selling them looked really odd and out of place given that at that time we were still having stuff like 'Dam Busters' and 'The Great Escape' being hurled at us every Christmas on TV.
 I've just thought, this all ties in with WW2's R.A.F Hero Douglas Bader having a fine pair of Wooden falsies   himself  (the Colditz programme is on Telly I've just turned on as I'm writing) I wonder if that can be classed as being syncronistic or just a coincidence? Or Ive just seen a pattern where there wasnt one, not quite Jesus in a Nan bread but that sort of thing, a bit....
Anyway, back to the False leg Stall and away from those nasty Nazis, if anyone else remembers or knows about any photos of the Leg Stall, please let me know because I would hate to imagine that the strange sight of all those hanging and piled up Wooden legs on the Stall had become forgotten, it was part of the character of the old Market that's 99.9% gone now, sadly.

Friday, 26 November 2010



The Dracula we know here in western Europe, is to us the evil undead Vampire lord and camp Horror film
character, but to the people of his native region, called Walachia in his day (now Romania -at the moment) he is a celebrated folk hero on par with our Richard the Lionheart for his defence of 'Christendom' from the Turkish Muslims attempted invasion of Europe, his country then being the buffer between the two religions and cultures.
Despite our ideas about him the regions people regard Vlad's famously insane hobby of Impaling people and creating ever more ways of hurting people for fun just a part of him that came with the job.
They weren't Even largely aware of our Dracula until the Cold War ended, and loads of odd Western Goths flooded into Romania looking for some mythical Nosferatu, one can only imagine what the locals thought of the new visitors, laughter was among the effects I imagine though.
Yet the other day I came across a new twist on the Dracula story, one not part of either traditions that I know of anyway, its not in Stokers version for sure.
This legend is connected to Dracula through his 'God gifted' Royal powers (that many Royal rulers believed they had) to heal.
According to the legend which I found in a book called the 'Khazar Dictionary', we find out through a Princess who went to him for some healing help that Vlad's nickname of 'The Impaler' just might of been earned for a different reason altogether, because according to this story, the Princess spent a night with our Warrior Hero and found that Vlad was endowed with "the most enormous Penis that he used to tie the end of to a  Silken thread that was attached at the other end to a Chaffinch".
Which he would strut around with, so that the birds flight held the member up and out for all to see (the Princesses fate is too grim for this family read).
As a man I can also imagining him having certain  needs, and judging by his penchant for murderous brutality I'm sure his needs were met at once as soon as ordered for -or else. As for being on the business end of his bedroom manner, I can't imagine it being a very erotically gentle, sensual experience.
Thus, owning such a large surging, member, ever hungry to be sated, like all those power drunk madmen are, it seems obvious that he would of earned himself a crude title like 'Impaler', especially coupled with his Wooden Impaling hobby.
And this from the great defender of Christs faith and its people in the West.
Speaking of Willy's, I worked alongside a Stall holder who used to wear tight Trousers and in Summer tight little shorts that showed off his impressive pride and joy. Having the nickname 'Sirloin' for some Macho reason didn't help, and being a bit of a nutter we couldn't be obvious to his face but when referring to him we used to flourish an exaggerated bow, and in faux Elizabethan accents say "ah, greetings and salutations Sir Loin" (geddit?). You had to be there I 'spose.


 Sent them all back to where they come from, even the ones born here.
YouTube really has become the voice of the disfranchised idiot masses without a doubt, just a quick scroll through the comments made on Political or Religious videos shows this in a way that no other public mediums can or do.
In years to come Psychology students will be studying the ignorant ranting blasts of illogical, badly spelt (sez he) hate rants that these faceless bigots make, of that I've no doubt.
Saxon axe wielding has made crime rates soar

For example, one day I was reading through the comments left on a short video about our proud 'Patriotic' stalwarts in the  'E.D.F' (English Defence League).
 One Enlightened social commentators long pondered words written in a short sentence stuck out for me especially, because it summed up many deeply thought out, Socially and economically based conclusions quite majestically, "Kick all the foreigners out" he simply wrote.
Social philosophy in a nutshell, oh yeah.
So I replied, "Yeah I agree, kick all the foreigners out, and lets start with those dodgy, criminal Saxons and the Norman Dole queue scroungers that cost the Government a small fortune and are clogging up our housing waiting lists.
 Send them all back to Germany and Vikingland where they come from and give Britain back to its rightful Celtic and Pictish owners. Yeah, kick the foreign scum out" etc. etc. (you get the point).
I was hoping for an answer but got none -unsurprisingly.
I've recently been told that when people like me are doing that online its called 'Trolling'.
 If taking the wee-wee out of dolts, especially racist ones makes me a Troll, then I joyfully embrace my large, hairy three toed feet and the Human child eating lifestyle that comes with it.
Although to be honest, the bridge supports that I live under need a course of damp proofing done, because my pointlessly oversized belt buckle keeps rusting, and as for my rough green Hessian clothing?
Well, it rots faster than I can find any old crones nowadays who are still willing to patch them up for me, instead they usually just scream and Zimmer away from me as fast as they can hobble ("hobble, wobble granny in trouble, wrinkles boil and ganglion's bubble"-old Troll drinking song).

I'm tired, I'm sure I need to rest.

Monday, 22 November 2010


Following the odd "no it isn't, yes it is" change in the UK services story about the so-called 'ink cartridge bomb', that Obama determined was real, despite being thousands of miles away in a TV studio, waiting to go on a show. We now have the truth.
The 'ink cartridge bomb' was nothing of the sort, it was in fact used as a fake bomb, placed there by US forces during security games, the US government have announced this on US mainstream TV and media outlets.
The 'bomb' on the German plane last week was also said to be placed in a similar incident.
Real life is more and more feeling like a second rate spy film.


So, who are the mysterious 'Foundation X' who say they "wish to use the UK as a base with which to disseminate their vast wealth to the world" according to Lord James of Blackheath in a speech given to the house of Lords?
Theres an old saying that "if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I'll go with that.
Blackheath has spoken of this offer from the group he will only refer to as 'Foundation X' to the house of Lords and has said that after research he is convinced that the Foundation is real, and as a former money launderer for HMG he is in a position to know, as do half of the Lords as Blackheath found out to his surprise, considering his service background and many contacts.
Blackheath's already admitted to laundering P.IRA money for the British secret services. Is this connected? Or is it all a scam to make a fool of him?
The Government is supposedly also said to be unsettled by the offer but not discounting it yet. 
The Foundation has been said to be very much larger than was originally supposed, one example is the City high flyer who regularly met with City bosses and such like. Who it turned out was one of the only people regularly present who was unaware of this mysterious Foundation until informed, he was also shocked because due to his position he knew nothing of it yet felt he should of.
The foundation is said to hold vast Gold reserves and is even estimated to be worth more than all the Gold ever dug up, so influentially rich are they that they will only supposedly meet with a select few world leaders concerning business, or "offers".
The plot thickens, and the mainstream media (not Tabloids) are generally taking the line that the powerful Foundation may well be real, now we just need to know who they are.
It would also go some way to explaining whats been happening to the dwindling Global Gold reserves over the past fifteen years and where it's been going.
Who needs Alien abductions, Yeti's and U.F.O's when you have real life in your face?
As for Lord Blackheath, he's going to look like an utter, foolish Clown in the house if he's being played, big style, as will the media backing the story.
Are the powers that be getting their own back for his past revelations by trying to discredit him or is the Foundation real? I await with baited breath.
If its just a sham its a superbly built one that you can't help admire even if it is a naughty no-no, but if it is real then I fear what the price of their 'offer' will be for us.
P.S. I wonder if 'Blackheaths' title has anything to do with putting down Watt Tylers mob?


 Every Englishman's home is soon to become someone Else's temporary Castle
What has the new housing minister got between his ears? I would elaborate on my own opinion regarding that issue but young children may be reading.
Seriously though, are the ConDemned trying to be the fastest hated, most reviled people in Parliamentary history? (headless, dead and deposed kings not withstanding).
The new rules that housing minister Grunt Shatt is bringing in are total madness, two year tenancies for everyone? what the hell else has he got between his ears that doesn't smell like effluence? (oops, sorry kids).

"Its OK though for people who already have tenancies though because your rules wont change, you'll be alright still" (I may of misquoted some words from his Radio4 'verballs' this morning but that's basically what the dimwit said).
Does he seriously think that will placate people or make them feel secure or safe in their own homes? If he does, he doesn't deserve to be put in charge of a babies big-unchokable bricks, Lego home, let alone real ones with real people inside, because he obviously hadn't even factored in one minor matter, those many tenants with CHILDREN (the kids man, what about the kids?), the young ones known as 'Tomorrows future'.

Does he think people will feel happy and secure knowing that their children will no longer have the chance to get a home of their own that they could settle in? Happy that they are not allowed to any longer pass the home to their children and their new families?
Even if by some miracle they overcame the below divvy level education they are currently 'learning' in schools now, became educated and gained employment, as singles or as families whilst trying to get their first home they would still be more than likely to have to claim benefits on top of their wages just to help pay the rent, leaving them still as venerable as ever. Another result of idiotic Tory programs.
Not to mention how the ex-students would be able to pay back the outrageous nine grand tuition fee's at the same time? Even if they tried to continue to live at home with Mum and Dad they would still face daily uncertainty.
If one parent died, the family could be evicted because the remaining family would be "taking up living space another family could use", then they would be made homeless along with the other, still living, grieving family members and shoved into the not-very-Merry-go-round of Hostels, temporary homes and regular evictions. How conducive to a happy life is that eh?
Then after two years all these people will have to find new homes and go through it all again, thus costing the economy untold £millions in lost working days as people scramble around looking for somewhere new, decent and affordable to live, for 24 months only before they have to do it all again. 
Costing even more in lost work days, productivity, wages etc. A vicious circle.
The country will become one big, unhappy 'Short-life housing' scheme. One that will cause massive amounts of stress which will lead to more sick time, depression, loss of productivity, and bad health, both mental and physical, as well as lost jobs, plus higher domestic and street violence incidents.
More ill people will be signing on due to sickness, we'll see a hike in the numbers of Homelessness and even Prostitution as people scramble for ways to keep up the bi-annual deposit payments on their new homes (that are often not given back), the rent payments on their new homes, the costs of re-connecting the fuel appliances, water meters and phones etc. not too mention the ever rising  inflation crushing fuel bills.

In other words, yet more lost working hours (imagine the damage caused to small businesses as their workers are constantly taking time off to look for a home, and employers forcing workers to use that searching time as holiday leave, that will cause even more problems leading to walkouts, strikes, increased violence against bosses and fellow workers, real depression, suicides etc. (Have none of those currently in power ever read a political history book other than Mein Kampf ? read no doubt Beat-Poet style, with the pages all mixed up randomly -that's how much common sense they make).-I mention Mein Kampf only because its a dumb book, not because I'm calling them Nazis, that's too cheap a shot to take.

Another problem will be the constant coming and goings of the couldn't-care-less attitude that part time tenants will adopt, that will damage houses which they have no incentive to bother up keeping sinse they will be soon evicted anyway.
The owners themselves will also be less inclined to do major or even minor repairs if he/she knows the tenant will be gone soon, "I'll do it when the tenants leave, its easier when the house/flat is empty" they'll say, but empty homes invite Squatters, empty homes also rot due to weather extremes, or demand may get so high he/she is unable to wait, which could make landlords just re-let the home as fast as possible while hoping for the best damage wise, potentially leading to unchecked gas leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, dodgy electrics, poisonous damp and fungi, burst toilet waste pipes that seep up to ground level, all of which are already a part of some rip-off short term tenancies (it almost killed a mate who's landlord shrugged off his leak as an outside drainpipe leak or blockage, my mate was eventually rushed to hospital suffering from serious blood poisoning, almost losing both his legs due to sewage waste poisoning seeping into his flat from below).

If I can see these problems coming and I don't have mystical powers, or the same kind of so-called 'education' that cost their distant, affectionate and unloving parents a small fortune, why then can't these idiots see them also?

The Tories created this problem in the first place by selling off council homes dirt cheap to people who just wanted them for 'buy to rent' properties, taking millions of homes off the social housing 'market' in the first place, thus creating today's home shortage problems, which in turn created the unreasonable rent rises that even employed people need benefits to help pay.

The Tory criminals wont cap rent charges at sensible amounts either, despite the fact that it would force a change in the high rent, rip off, free-for-few spree that's robbing local councils of £millions annually and making fewer homes available to most.

They cant even claim that it "was the old Tory party" who caused these long running problems because they have re-employed many of the brown nosers who toadied under the yoke of the evil milk snatching Crow, plus, the 'old guard' gleefully helped to put together these new ideas.
Its still the same old Tory party, only now its fronted by some youngish dolt who wields a brow of sweat infused with Bolivia's finest, instead of an old ''Iron handbag'' wielding harridan.
The irony is that it would be so easy to reduce these arrogant cretins to grovelling heaps by everyone at the same time simply staying in bed, turning off the alarm clock and going back to sleep rather than going to work, as a rubbish Punk band once (ahem) 'sang', "Object refuse, reject abuse".
If people just bought in the odd bit of extra food for a pre-set, certain time then we need just say "no" all at once, just by sitting at home and reading a book on the Sofa, you would soon see a change in their attitude.
Threats would no doubt be issued, "Turn off our gas if you like Cameron, Ive got camping Gaz gear/ a BBQ on the balcony/ a garden to build a cooking fire in" etc. etc. but if its done on irregular occasions it will still scare the be'Jeyzus out of them.
Buy now, make them pay tomorrow! Simple, and no one need be hurt physically, apart from a few rich men with influence who'll get hurt financially, who then themselves demand reforms that won't harm their future profits.
Its fiendishly simple in fact, and works, as the Society changing effects on other countries who have done this shows.
With a bit of short term planning its really that easy. Sadly though, it won't happen and that's the problem with our modern Western lifestyle, its too selfish and shallow, which is why the scumbags will probably get their way.
The reasoning is sound though and worked for the people in Eastern Europe and other places such as India, plus it has as I said, the added bonus of being violence free, it just shouldn't be started in mid winter for the Oldies sake, just in case. Unless they're game for it of course.
Just one hour of lost trading costs the money men (greedy sods who's money we never see) £millions, how much would a day or even a week cost them? If spread over time and long enough to make them think again I don't doubt, especially if it was a known, co-ordinated, unified citizen protest it would help bring change. Being the greedy so-and-so's that they are they would have so much more to lose than us.
 Even if only a few coordinated days of  'Sofa protests' were carried out at the same times or different time periods every month it would still bite them where it hurts most and it would hurt them bad, as if bitten by a big bitey thing.

They would be begging us (in their cocksure, arrogant manner of course) to come back to them and carry on working for their 'pour up, spittle down' economics, the cost to their portfolios and ego's would be so high to them that they would practically offer their wives, mothers and children to us as sacrifice in return for our cooperation, anything but lose profits (as for what to do with their sacrificed family members? that's a conundrum, how about letting them go free to get the bus home while dressed head to foot in Primark clothes? I certainly couldn't trust them to know how to do any washing up properly, so they're no use to the Sally Army. Send 'em home on a bus dressed as cheap Chavs I say, its the only language they understand.)

Back to negotiations, these 'Sofa protests' would bite them hard economically, leaving people room to dictate reasonable terms.
This is Britain after all dear chaps, and we don't want another Tyrant like Cromwell ruling the roost whatwhat. (long may the traffic roll over his headless corpse under Hyde park corner), one crownless Tyrant was enough, banning Christmastide indeed.
Just a few regular periods of 'Sofa protests' and the buggers would start to come grovelling cap in hand to us, its us unifying they fear most after all (what do you think the Criminal Justice Act was all about? A few Ravers dancing in fields and in long empty, unused industrial estates?? seriously, wake up).
The politics may have changed but the situation remains the same. (ooh, that makes me sound like a Socialist, oops).

If that sounded Socialistic I apologise because I'm not one, if I am at all its not their kind anyway (don't get me going, I'll be on about the Fabians next, that Champagne Socialist faction who rule the Labour party roost, they themselves have published works about reducing the "useless masses" through various, murderous Eugenics techniques, while working towards their own long term "New World Order" goals. (the best way to find out what these people are really about is to just go to their own works, they are usually far more damning than their critics are)  Jaures wasn't into Eugenics as far as I know though.
Take H.G Wells, an active Fabian Socialistic himself, he famously said that "countless millions of people will die ushering in the New World Order". Nice one H.G.
They're all mad, on both of the sides of the mainstream 'left-right' paradigm, yet they're supposedly the moderate voices of their political ideologies!  At least their extreme fringe elements are honest about their wants.
Madre del Dios!!
My smelly Cat has more common sense than all of our 'coalition of the dimming' Government members put together (plus she's nicer and prettier, stinky or not).